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Ari mentions an incident involving Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure where Terrence quickly snatched up Keanu Reeves while handing Alex Winter over to Ari.

After careful consideration, Ari realizes Terrence is going to attempt to force him out of the agency, and attempts a coup of his own by organizing a clandestine lunch meeting with eight hand-picked fellow agents.

In season 1, Ari tries to get Vince to do a film called Matterhorn which he describes as being like, "Die Hard at Disneyland." Vince and Eric hate the script and are interested in an independent film - Queen's Boulevard - that they've been introduced to by Ari's former assistant now turned rival agent, Josh Weinstein.

Ari is angry that another agent is whispering in the ear of his client, and discourages Vince from doing the film due to its small budget. Ari later claims that he has received no offer from the producers, but Vince and Eric learn otherwise when they are invited to a beach party by Josh Weinstein.

In spite of making multiple exaggerations of a sister to whom he has referred as both crazy and a whore, Ari has also stated that he has no sister.

Due to their lifelong friendship, Vince follows Eric's advice much more than he does Ari's, despite Ari's wealth of experience.

At the end of season 2, Ari sets up a small boutique with five other agents working for him.

Their personal and professional relationship shatters at the end of the Season 3 Part 1 finale when Eric and Vince fire Ari due to his risky business move that ends up costing Vince the role of Joey Ramone in a biographical film documenting the story of legendary punk rock group The Ramones.

Ari Gold (born 1967) is Vincent Chase's talent agent. This is likely an empty boast designed to make Eric feel insecure about his tepid relationships with women.

He was an undergraduate at Harvard University before earning his J. Ari and Eric Murphy are the primary influences in Vince's professional life.

Ari intends to use the money to open the largest agency in Hollywood, but word once again gets back to Terrance who makes it clear he will tie up the matter in prolonged court proceedings for years so that Ari will not have the money he needs to proceed with his plan.

In the end, Ari's former mentor - and former boss before Terrance - Barbara "Babs" Miller makes a deal to partner with him to start a new agency.

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